About Herb N Life

Herb N Life Productions is a Brooklyn based team of skin and hair artisans focused on all natural hair and body products that heal, stimulate, and delight the body and soul. Herb N Life Productions provides inspiring, breathtaking, sense-elevating beauty products from the most healing and powerful ingredients the earth has to offer. To heal, protect, and delight.

Each product in our line is your own personal day spa. In the hustle of everyday life we may not find the time to go for a massage or even relax…breathe in…breathe out…and enjoy. Life is full of power and pain, love and hate, bliss and stress. Due to this reality, every morning we may wake up with a different emotion and focus. Despite the everyday stresses we still must bathe, shower, lotion, fix our hair, dress and go. The routine of using lotion and hair products is the beginning of our day. Herb N Life is here to transform the routine of lotion into a moment of healing ecstasy and peace.

Each smell and touch revitalizes your roots and sanctifies your soul. The essential oils are formulated through aromatherapy to enhance your experience. Each ingredient is combined through the study of Herbology and Ayervedic medicine to ensure healing results. Every product is packaged with love and sealed with joy. A simple hair wash becomes a chance to wash away toxins, build-up and negativity. Herb N Life is here to take care of our customers mind, body and soul.

In addition to our focus of healing and beautifying, HNL is focused on providing affordable products to all communities. Through the use of demographic studies and good ol fashion pavement pounding it became painfully obvious that it was hard to find all natural products in African-American, Latino or Asian communities. It was even harder to find natural products made by people in the community. Herb N Life decided to rise to the occasion.

Herb N Life was founded in 1999 by Maiya Boctor. Maiya studied Herbology and Natural Medicine in California and UC Berkeley. Migrating to Brooklyn in 1997 allowed her to combine her professional knowledge with her immediate reality and give birth to the vision of incorporating herbs in daily life. “As an African-American woman I am proud to represent my culture and take pride in importing healing ingredients directly from Africa to enhance the economy in Africa and provide amazing ingredients to the people in America. Herb N Life is more than a company to me. It a chance to touch people and provide an amazing experience in a blue, orange and green bottles. Thank You for taking the time to share in the Herb N Life experience.”