I bought your Shine Shea Butter Lotion at a Co-op Grocery in San Francisco. The scent wasn’t right for me so I gave it to my friend. He is bonkers over it. It’s awesome lotion. I wish more body product lines would be as conscientious as you when it comes to the ingredients. Even “natural” body product lines put crap in their lotions. The ingredients of Shine can’t be beat.

Here is my predicament. I live in Las Vegas now and haven’t been able to find it at any of the health food stores. Can I order some directly from you? Are you selling it somewhere in Vegas I haven’t looked? And, do you have a product list? I would love to try other HerbnLife treats.

Thanks for your time.


Miss Daydra Bell


My name is Sage Ali, and I currently live in Los Angeles. I recently purchased your Royal Rinse herbal shampoo—I honestly don’t even remember where I bought it. DC is my hometown, so I either got it there or here in LA.

Anyway, I first want to congratulate you—this shampoo is WONDERFUL! Da BOMB! The aroma alone is full of energy, and I need to get more of this stuff! I also felt my scalp tingling, which I know is a good sign since my hair has been thinning. Who knows, maybe your shampoo will help to stimulate some growth. Even if not, I still love it.

I also noticed that you have hair oils, and I’m guessing that you make other excellent products as well. Please get back to me with any info you can share. I love fragrances, but I haven’t found many that I like that work for men, except for one or two Arabian oils. Please let me know if you have anything that I might like, or if you can make anything—you definitely have a special gift for aroma and fragrance, and I love it!

Have a beautiful day, and please get back to me when you can. Thanks!

Peace & Love,


Yo Maiya!!!!!

BIG UPS 10 FOLD TO YOU!!!! I am LOVING LOVIN LOVVVVVV-ING the head sprung spray! You just don’t KNOW! And being that you don’t know…. let me break it down for you…

I have had my braids in for just about 3 weeks now…. I usually do not last past day 9 or 10 with out wanting to scratch my brain out!! But I use the head sprung spray in the morning and at night, and I have NOOOOOOO itchie’s!!!!!!! I can now rock braids for longer than 3 weeks now!!!! And because of laziness…I might keep these bad boys in for a 4th week!! Your spray is a MIRACLE WORKER!!! AND my hair smells good and is soft!

Alas… I’m running low and I seriously need to reup my stash!! Along with the Crown Heights shampoo…. love that!!! I even bathe with that!! Love it!!!

So here’s what I need from you… Another bottle of Head Sprung and Crown Heights shampoo and, if you have time, my favorite scent the coco thingy :) Oh and a bottle of Shine (that’s the orange label lotion right?)

Tell me the total with shipping and what ever else you charge and where to send it to, and it’s THERE!!!!

I put a link to your site on my site. HURRY UP AND GET THAT BAD BOY LIVE!!!

**Oh, and tell me what you want again for your waist beads

Miss ya!!!



To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to express my appreciation. I am in love with your Shine shea butter lotion. I don’t see any reason why this lotion isn’t the best selling lotion in the history of lotions. Everyone I introduce this lotion to loves it. I think you should let me do marketing for you guys. I got this lotion taken up at the airport, and the rest of my trip was a bit miserable without the lotion. Anywho, take care. I love your product, it changed my life.

All my love,

Solomon Sewell


Your shampoo, ROYAL RINSE is absolutely wonderful and refreshing! I love the scent, the ingredients and the way it makes my hair/scalp feel. My clients love it.

So, I am wondering do you have a website and does this come in a bigger size. Please advise.



Love, Peace, & Blessings

Hey, my names Anthony Mackie. I’m a actor in New York. I was given a bottle of lotion by a young lady at a Damain Marley concert in Central Park, backstage. I don’t know if she still works with u but I love the lotion and everyone I come across wants it… Well, I love the produce and was wondering if u could send me more! I’m stuck in NC working and I’m not sure where I would find it in Wilmington, NC. Hope all is well and look forward to hearing from u.

Anthony Mackie

Your products have an incredible aroma – pure, sweet, and divine. They are so not just body products, but mood enhancers & spirit lifters. I tire of scents easily and rarely wear them, but these are irresistible. I wear a very, very close cut, but the rosemary hair oil is so nice I take the extra step of applying it even though I don’t usually wear anything. And then there’s that Angel cocoa butter!

I live in VA and stumbled into them during the summer at the coop in Brooklyn. My only complaint is that they are a little pricey, but I still want to keep them in stock. Where can I order them and how much so I need to buy for a wholesale price?

Thanks for your time, efforts, and most of all products!