Head Sprung

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Head Sprung

Please Note:  the product now comes in a 4oz glass bottle. 

We have banned the use of any plastic bottles at HNL as we are one with the ocean...!


Head Sprung is the one and only leave-in conditioner and natural perfume/cologne for the hair. Head Sprung scents the hair beautifully while enhancing its quality, health and shine. The hair spray helps alleviate the smell of smoke or any other toxins in the air. It leaves braids shining and tight, naturals curly and vibrant and keeps dreadlocks radiant. Headsprung base is made from Organic Aloe Vera and an Infusion of Flax Seeds. Both ingredients cleanse, protect and provide a perfect balance for scalp and hair. Combined with Olive Oils, Hemp oil, Shea Butter and Avocado oil this formula moisturizes hair with no oily build-up leaving hair smooth and full of body.

For Curly Hair: This formula also helps reduce frizz and maintain a healthy curl
For Braids: Keeps braids tight and shiny and helps reduce itch or scalp irritation
For dreadlocks: Perfect balance of moisture without oily build-up or residue. Anti-Lint formula. Created to keep hair looking and smelling fresh and just washed.
For straight hair: The lightweight formula leaves hair full of body with a natural healthy shine.

Warning: May attract crowds of people with one spray. The company is not held responsible if you are constantly complimented on your aroma!

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